Project Details

Humach provides a cloud-based platform for call center solutions. They also provide automation in technology. This feature is the main reason for our project. Our project is to incorporate Amazon Echo devices and Amazon Voice Service into Humach workflow. We are creating a home user application that contains a new skill set for the Amazon Echo Dot. It aims to have users prompt the Amazon Echo devices to retrieve call center statistics and relay back to the users as requested. (e.g. “Alexa, ask Humach how many calls are waiting?”). This would allow managers and supervisors to keep tabs on the status of their call centers without having the need to interact with a computer. The video walks through the process of configuring an Alexa skill on the Amazon developer portal. Then it demonstrates some of the functionalities of the skill. Lastly, the video shows the process of deploying the skill using Zappa which is a serverless python service framework.