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Air Academy Associates: Enhancing an Online Testing System

Project Details

Air Academy Associates travel around the country to companies and provide training in a number of areas (Statistics, Six Sigma, etc.). Once a class is complete, they often administer an exam which has been in paper format in the past. The online testing system is supposed to help automate that process.

  • OTS automates the process of creating, evaluating, and taking examinations by Air Academy Associates.
  • Team of students from NDSU in spring 2010 has created a web-based, online testing system.
  • Main features Implemented by team 2010 spring Air Academy Associates were:
    • Creating the exam
    • Enrolling students one at a time
    • Taking the exam
    • Reporting results

Major enhancements made by the 2011 team:

  • When creating the exam:
    • Display topics alphabetically
    • Import questions from an external source (excel)
    • No duplicate topic names are allowed
  • When enrolling students:
    • Import students from an external source
    • E-mail Notify student automatically
  • When reporting results:
    • Final pass/fail report of student
    • Print certificate
  • When taking the exam:
    • Improve display of data sets and images
    • No duplicate exam names are allowed
  • Remove the bugs from the current system to make it up to date
  • Fix security and browser compatibility issues