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Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 Dynamics AX

Project Details

Windows Phone 7 Capstone Project will light up the Windows Phone 7 by bringing some Microsoft Dynamics AX functions to a phone application enabling business functionalities to be performed remotely. We will be designing an application with a general serviceman in mind, giving him the functionality he will need throughout his day including; service orders, time planning, and route charting functionality.

A message from the team:

Going through Windows Phone 7 application environment seemed a positive learning experience for all of us, gave us an insight about how the phone applications are actually developed and would definitely help us in future, even if we don't select developing phone applications as a career move. Moreover the aspects of developing something for Microsoft, going there almost every week, meeting the Microsoft guys actually provided motivating force for us to work hard and put all our efforts for making the Windows Phone 7 project work.