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Air Academy Associates: Online Test System Enhancements

Project Details

Air Academy Associates travel around the country to companies and provide training in a number of areas (Statistics, Six Sigma, etc.). Once a class is complete, they often administer an exam which has been in paper format in the past. The online testing system is supposed to help automate that process.

In this semester we did the following major enhancements:

  • Improving aesthetic appearance (fonts, colors, etc.) of screens
  • Enhancing reporting capabilities:
    • Reports identifying students who have been enrolled for exams (in addition to the current reports for student scores for those completing exams)
    • Ability to see a summary of exam details
  • Enhancing student (user) experience when taking an exam:
    • Increase speed when answering questions (address delay when recording answers and moving between question screens)
    • Address any errors with image displays, data files, etc.
  • Enhancing test setup capabilities
    • Ability to sort the display of all questions for a topic by the question ID number
    • Other improvements to aid test setup
  • Define specific test cases and complete thorough testing to ensure any discovered bugs or errors are fixed and the system is functional