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Bolder Thinking: Audio File Processing Solution

Project Details

The purpose of this project is to decouple the post-processing tasks that currently execute on the primary call handling servers, executing that task on secondary servers with job dispatching occurring via AMQP and RabbitMQ. This shifts call processing responsibilities from currently active resources to inactive resources, and allows the system to more effectively take on a greater workload.

Project Tasks

  • Modify the current call-processing code:
    • Instead of processing the two audio files into one and uploading it into S3, the call-processing will upload two audio files into S3, create a job file with the necessary information, and submit the job to a queue.
  • Deploy a system on n-secondary servers that will:
    • Query the queue for available jobs.
    • If a job is available, select it from the queue.
    • Process the job.
    • Send a notification that will be processed and mark the job as complete in the database.
    • Upload the resulting audio file to S3.

Video: http://comweb.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu/~tsmother/cs445/btanimatic.html