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ATK: Data Management System

Project Details

ATK is an international company that designs and develops Aerospace, Defense, and sporting technologies. Many of their programs focus on creating and improving rocket propulsion, missile defense, strike weapons, and tactical ammunition. They have several programs in development across multiple sites and no real standard for how they handle all their test data from all their different sites and programs.

That's where we come in. We designed and built a system that can store and manage every locations' test data in a single and simple to use system. Using MVC (Model-View-Controller) we created a robust and versatile system that can handle any and all resulting data from ATK's robust catalog of products currently in development.


  • Stores and manages large sums of arbitrary test data
  • Allows for editing and managing of already imported test data
  • Import / Export function for all test data, old and new
  • Search or filter function for all Program, phases, and tests
  • Integrated into SharePoint