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Ericsson: Flexible Ping Utility

Project Details

Ericsson is a telecommunications giant and an international mobile broadband provider. Ericsson's network engineers were in need of a ping utility with more functionality than those previously available.

The application we have developed contains all the basic features of ping, with some added functionality based on Ericsson's needs.


  • Cross-platform compatibility (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Single executable file with no installation required
  • Includes all basic ping features
  • Random payload size
  • Increasing payload size
  • Random time between pings
  • Excluding pings from summary

Another of our main goals for this project was to create a sort-of "Ping for the 21st Century". The old implementations of ping have sparse comments and variable names that often made no sense. We've rewritten ping with alliterative variable names and descriptive comments, hoping to encourage future development of ping.