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FBS: Error Logging and Reporting System

Project Details

The goal of this project was to build a JavaScript error logging and reporting system for FBS to track JavaScript errors that occur while using their web based applications. A JavaScript snippet was developed to detect errors as well as information related to the user and browsing session. This JavaScript snippet is embedded on web pages where error logging is desired and transmits error related information to a Ruby on Rails server for storage and analysis. The Ruby on Rails server contains a dashboard that allows an administrator to see errors that have occurred over time across company web applications. This dashboard provides searching and filtering of errors, allowing administrators to locate specific errors. Through the dashboard administrators can export reports into common formats such as Microsoft Excel. The dashboard also allows an administrator to view graphs of errors to better visualize the number that have occurred over a specific time interval.


  • Records JavaScript errors that occur on FBS webpages
  • Errors are sent to a ruby on rails server and displayed on a dashboard
  • Errors can be sorted, filtered, generated into a report, and displayed in 1 or more charts/graphs