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Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Project Details


  • UGPTI is developing a desktop application that will be used by North Dakotan officials to manage asset data for roads, signs, and minor structures.
  • UGPTI is creating this application for the ND Local Technical Assistance Program that will make this application downloadable to county and township officials in North Dakota.
  • Asset information will be used to claim emergency funds from the government and to meet future transportation bill requirements.


  • Divided the project into three layers (client, logic, data) for future development
  • Incorporated a data grid view that allows users to view record entries
  • Restructured previous entity-relationship diagram
  • Completed data entry for roads, signs, and structures
  • Completed data import for roads, signs and structures
  • Completed data export for roads, signs, and structures
  • Created data reporting feature
  • Implemented a search feature to quickly filter records