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CNE: Data Visualization Web Application

Project Details

In the fall of 2013 CNE asked NDSU to help develop a dynamic web application that would combine the functionality of three of their current programs.

During the Fall CNE worked with an NDSU Consortium team. Their main purpose was to accurately store and manipulate data that we, the Capstone group, could use. Some examples of this data include kilobytes per second transferred between two different endpoint IPs, date they were transferred, and different ports being used.

CNE asked us to create graphs that could display and store this data in real time on a website. This is being provided as a foundation that the Consortium group will be expanding on in the future.

During this semester our Capstone group developed a website that utilized Bootstrap. Bootstrap allows our site to be more compatible across multiple browsers and different screen resolutions.

After creating a log in system using javascript, html, css, and PHP, we started to develop graphs using jquery and PHP. These graphs are able to display data with the aid of Flot Charts. Using Flot Charts we created multiple graphs that displayed different data which updated in real time on the website.

Future teams working with CNE will be implementing features such as setting alarms for when their customers meet certain bandwidth limitations, sending out emails to these customers, and tracking the ping and latency throughout the network. Our group was able to create a nice baseline for the website and graphs that future teams will be able to work off of.