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IBM: Gerrit Powered OpenStack Meetings

Project Details

OpenStack is an open source platform for public and private clouds managed by OpenStack Foundation. The OpenStack community communicates via irc channels; meetings are held on specific channels as well. Currently, there are over fifty meetings that are manually updated and managed on the OpenStack wiki. The goal of our project is to integrate meeting updates into already existing OpenStack process:

  • Each meeting is represented as a YAML file
  • Users will modifies the contents of the YAML file and push to Gerrit as code reviews
  • Other members and approve and disapprove the changes
  • Upon approval, the changes will be merged into the code base

Some features from our project includes:

  • Converting YAML files to iCalendar files for import
  • Check for conflicts when a user push their changes for review
  • Read a file containing meeting names to test for conflicts