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John Deere: Ethernet Visualizer

Project Details

The Ethernet Visualizer application allows the user to view data being received from an inverter or other Ethernet enabled device that complies with the UDP packet structure it expects.


  • Simplifies testing by providing a tool that gives uniform visual representations of data
  • Easier to maintain and update than previous applications such as LABview, which uses a visual programming language
  • Flexible and elegant code allows for future modification and further implementation

Business Applications:

  • Displays a visual representation of signal levels from an external electrical system
  • Provides an easy to use graphical user interface
  • Valuable in the development and testing of electrical systems and motors
  • Can be readily ported to other devices in future development

Data Flow Diagram: Data flow

The power inverter outputs diagnostic data to the controller board. The board then relays the information over Ethernet to our application. Our application then interprets and displays the data.

Team Members: 2014 John Deere Capstone Team

Jordan VanSickle, Rachel Larson, Jaden VanEckhout