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ATC: Configurable Network Visualization

Project Details

Product Overview: The Netvis Monitoring tool is a way for Administrators to easily visualize and maintain their network.

Purpose: The purpose of the tool is to simplify the Network Administrator's life by giving them the tools to see their network as well as a way to resolve any issues with connectivity throughout the network.

Solution: Our solution is a much more cost-effective and user friendly alternative to some of the administrator's tools currently on the market. It utilizes several exceptional open source tools and combines them into a customizable tool for our customers.

Functions: The Configuration tool automatically collects network data and sends the data to our Database. It has a function for launching the Network diagram from itself.

The Network Diagram is interactive and is being implemented with the Leap Motion controller for easier viewing. It shows the layout of any system no matter the complexity.

Our Web interface is simplistic yet functional. It gives the user a clean and interesting view of the hosts on a network and has the potential to inform the administrator when a certain host loses its connection to the network.