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Adventium: CAN Bus Monitoring Application

Project Details

The Monitoring Application allows the user to view data being output through a J1939 CAN Bus system. The application is universal for use with any motorized vehicle utilizing this model of CAN Bus. Adventium plans on using the monitoring tool when testing and developing autonomous vehicles.


  • Configure for specific parameters to be monitored.
  • Easy to use GUI
  • User interface displays real time values of the parameters.
  • Pull-down menus to select parameter limit triggers.
  • Warn operator if a parameter goes outside of a set limit, an alert warns the operator.


  • Save the company money
  • Provide a safer environment for testing
  • User interface displays real time values of the parameters.
  • Aid in development of their projects
  • Easily upgradeable to monitor additional values

Our application interprets the data sent to us, and returns the values in real-time. These values are displayed in a user friendly format with common units of measurement. The user also has the ability to save and use a default configuration file.

Levi Horner, Matthew Gordon, Colton Schumacher, Michael Welker