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CNE: Network Dashboard

Project Details

The Network Dashboard's purpose is to easily display their agent's subscriber's network latency, send emails to the customers when there are errors, and make it easier to troubleshoot problems. Our capstone group was tasked to implement the search function and make the program more intuitive for other users. The search function allows the user to view a drilled down view of the subscribers. They are able to view as many subscribers as they would like. We also aim to add user functionality so there are both admin views and user views (for the various agents) based on their accounts permissions.

Business Applications

  1. Allows all of CNE's Agents to view their subscriber's data usage.
  2. Provides a way to look at a specific subscriber's data in order to view what has been happening with their account.
  3. Gives the ability for CNE to monitor their agents as a whole or individually, with any time period they would like.
  4. Allows the user to see what the sources of data usage are in order to help troubleshoot subscriber's issues.

    Ryan Lauer
    Stephen Ramberg
    Steven Fischer
    Drew Hendrickx