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Capturis: Awesome Index

Project Details

How can worker productivity be monitored? Within the realm of software applications, Capturis has a solution. As an employee, manager, or team leader, simply log into the application, and view your Awesome Index. The Awesome Index is a measure of worker productivity, and is graphically displayed within our web application.

Utilizing the IntelliJ IDE and Capturis' shell program, we used Java, GWT, XML, HTML5 and more to implement the following features:

  • An employee and a manager can log in and view information
  • The Awesome Index is displayed graphically by individual, team, and company
  • Managers can view employee's Awesome Indices
  • Table of values related to the Awesome Index is included

Team (left to right):
    Alexander Wolf
    Angela Alean
    Carl Sheldon
    Ryan Remke