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Ericsson: iPerf3 Android App

Project Details

iPerf3 is a a program for testing network speeds. It is written in C, and is intended to run on x86-type processors.

Our goals:

  • Develop an implementation on Android to allow iPerf tests to be run as an Android application
  • Provide a way to configure the tests and run them automatically
  • Provide an easy way to export the data for later anaysis.

By using the Android Native Development Kit we were able to successfully implement this, and provide Ericsson with a great network tester able to be depoyed on all Android devices running KitKat or more recent.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Ability for constant testing to be performed automatically
  • GPS coordinates are saved with each test
  • Data can be easily uploaded via CSV by either FTP or e-mail
  • Convient way to view recent tests and delete unneeded ones either one-by-one or in bulk