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Microsoft: Microsoft Dynamics AX Telemetry Data Analytics

Project Details


Stephen Anderson
Wei Kang Lim
Shahana Norton
Ritika Yadav


Microsoft Dynamics AX is a large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software product that helps businesses manage everything from accounts, to employees, to inventory. A software product this large can be difficult to navigate, with thousands of forms in many modules. Microsoft wants to make this software more usable by simplifying navigation for its users. Minimizing the number of clicks and keystrokes to complete tasks would make a more positive user experience for future updates to Dynamics AX.


Microsoft is able to collect anonymous telemetry data from Dynamics AX users, and our goal is to glean useful information from this data. To accomplish this we created a library of functions for R, an open source statistical software. This library provides a simple way to import and clean telemetry data from Event Tracer for Windows from a .csv file. Once the data is imported, the user can access a variety and features and functions build into this R package. This package is fully documented and meets R standards, so any user familiar with R can easily learn the functions and capabilities.


  • Graphical modeling of navigation paths
  • Various statistics on usage sessions and forms
  • Categorizations of user sessions by group and development team
  • Statistical comparisons between users
  • Aggregated graphs and statistics for all navigation paths