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UGPTI: Roadway Image Capture

Project Details

Each year UGPTI drives North Dakota roadways taking photos of the road conditions. These photos are used to find where roads are in bad shape. This requires renting a special vehicle at a high cost. This project was to develop a mobile application for an android device that will be mounted to the dashboard of any vehicle and take photos at predefined intervals. The android device stores the date, time, and location with the image. When the user is finished and ready to upload the information, the device waits for a wireless signal before automatically uploading to UGPTI's servers.


  • Tutorial that describes how to use the app
  • Settings screen allows user to select photo resolution and distance between photos
  • Based on the settings: estimates the distance the user can travel and the number of photos the user can take
  • A gallery screen where the user can view and delete images
  • Upon successful upload, deletes the data off of the user's device
  • Images are stored in a database at UGPTI

Tom Cocozzello, Alex Hatzenbuhler, Stephen Ruda, Eric Trautman