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Integrity: Skynet Project

Project Details

Our project is a SCADA front end user interface with a database backend. The user interface is for a variety of users from programmers, managers to workers on the assembly line. The database keeps track of multiple types of data such as machines, vendors, departments and facilities. All this data can be easily accessed through the user interface. It allows users to access, add, edit and delete data (with proper authorization). Features like help buttons and tutorials are included to assist casual users. A tree structure was used in the user interface to make accessing the data more manageable. A search feature was also created with scripts to allow users to search for particular data pieces.

The video will cover the features in the following order:

  1.  Tree Structure
  2. Tables (Why we chose specific tables to display)
  3. Help Button/Tutorials/Documentation
  4. Access, Add, Edit and Delete Functions
  5. Search Function