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Project Details

Team Members

  • Joseph Moses
  • Garrett Leatherman
  • Lucas Stein
  • Sean Rider

Project Description

The Internet of Things is a technology that is being pioneered by many business and organizations. To understand the feasibility of this new field, Inwerken had tasked us to build a prototype workflow demonstrating the connection of external sensor data being parsed and sent to the cloud.

Our solution consisted of a provided gateway sensor device connecting to the HANA Cloud database through several pre-existing frameworks. Using the Node-RED JavaScript framework, which is a programming tool for connecting the Internet of things together, we are parsing different types of test data (like humidity and brightness), packaging it into a json string, and sending it to the HANA Cloud.

The HANA Cloud toolset allows us to receive this data through a Node-RED http post and populates a table within the Internet of Things Message Management Service. Once it is in the HANA Cloud, any other activated HANA services are allowed to access it. Using a UI5 application, we are able to display and manipulate this data, as well as communicate directly back to these sensors connected to the gateway device. This makes commands like manual LED changes possible, starting from the HANA Cloud front end all the way to the gateway device giving led change commands.