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Project Details

The project aims to improve Sanford Health’s monitoring phase. Sanford Health has over one hundred custom built applications that run across more than ten servers and the project aims to improve the monitoring of those applications via dashboard. The dashboard that the project aims to design and build will help Sanford identify the applications and their errors and exceptions as well as reduce the amount of time it takes to run usage reports all while monitoring the applications.

The dashboard allows users to add a new application and delete an application. When an application is added, the button is created which contains the application’s name. And when the button is clicked on, the data table which contains all of the application’s information regarding type of errors, host name, etc., appears on the screen. The data table can be filtered by a date range and it is also searchable. The buttons on the sidebar are organized by an error count and they are color coded as well.

The purpose of the project is to improve the overall flow of the applications by instantly knowing which applications have problems and fixing those problems when they arise, identifying errors and glitches that are found in the applications, understanding how the applications are behaving and being used and how much they are being used by various users, getting an idea on whether certain applications need upgrading based on usage or errors detected, and monitor trending issues in each of the applications. It currently takes the software development team at Sanford a considerable amount of time to run usage reports on each of their custom-built applications, so the purpose of the dashboard that we will create will help to reduce the time that it takes to run those usage reports and get results in a timely manner so that the overall monitoring and fixing of certain applications will go smoother and faster and just be overall more efficient.