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Project Details

This is the 2019 Adventium Capstone group. In our project we were tasked to come up with a way to simply transfer data from XML to Power Point presentation. The program would be in use in Adventiums CAMET library. This library consists of tools used for testing system-level requirements. This is integrated into Adventiums customers programs and used to help save those customers time and money on development. It helps catch things that might other wise not get caught till the end of production. The report data is produced from the tools as XML. What our program does is take that XML data and a Power Point presentation template of the users choice and merge the XML data to a copied version of the Power Point and then output that data where the user chooses. This makes it a lot faster than manually transferring that data from the XML file to a Power Point presentation. By putting it into a Power Point presentation it is easier to look through the data and present that data telling them about their program. Our program includes an API which can be used to integrate the tool into the users programs so instead of always having to enter a file path for the XML, Power Point, and output you can just have it all automated and run every time the program is tested.Our program makes it easier and faster to understand the CAMETS output and if there is and issue with the system, getting back to solving its sooner.